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Our concept is simple: to offer pieces with strong but timeless cuts, and in different colors, materials or prints. 
At Aline Amari, we believe as much in the power of words (c.f. size guide) as in the power of colors. This is why we use Color therapy, or Chromotherapy, when developing our collections. The colors are omnipresent in our environment, and have very positive effects on our body, our emotions and our mind. They have virtues that are both energizing and soothing and can improve our daily lives. Moreover, they have long been used in traditional Chinese and Indian medicines but also, in antiquity, by the Greeks and Egyptians who built temples of light and colors.
For example, warm colours, such as red, orange and yellow, are considered stimulating and invigorating, while cold colours, such as cyan or night blue, are calming, soothing and relaxing. Forest green, apple green or turquoise are cleansing, balancing and purifying while purple and magenta are nutritious and healing colors.
Below is a mini guide with popular colors and their meanings/benefits. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions!

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